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Awards and achievements I’ve received for my Fine Arts and Digital Artworks.

“Lorenzo il Magnifico” Award

Received “Lorenzo il Magnifico” Special Commendation From The Jury Award

A’Design Award Runner-Up

Received Runner-Up Award for the 2023 A’Design Award and Competition – 2023

Finalist Award

Finalist for the 57th international Artavita Online Art Contest – 2023

Silver Award

Received Silver Award from CamelBack Gallery’s Artist Choice X International Juried Art Competition – 2023

Artist of The Month

Artist of the Month on Online Contest Feb – 2023

Certificate of Artistic Achievement

Received Certificate of Artistic Achievement from the Luxembourg Art Prize – 2022

CG-Choice Award

Received CGSociety Award and Top Row for the Digital Artwork “Vanitas: a Portrayal of Human Degeneration” – 2021

ZBC Toprow

TopRow Awarded by the ZBrush Central for the Vestal Virgin Marble Bust – 2018

Popular 2018 Pick

Artwork Picked as Popular Artworks of 2018