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A collection of publications featuring my artworks, interviews and tutorials.

Create! Magazine Issue 38: The Summer Issue

My Artworks and an Interview was Featured on the Issue 38 of Create! Magazine, an independent contemporary arts magazine. the Section was Curated by Maria Brito, an award-winning New York-based contemporary art advisor, entrepreneur, author and curator.

Fungi Magazine vol 16 no.2

"Vanitas: a Portrayal of human degeneration" Featured on the Summer Edition of Fungi Magazine

IHRAF Iranian Women Speak: Voices of Transformation

"The Veiled Virgin" was Featured on "Iranian Women Speak"

Culturally Arts’s Modern Renaissance Magazine issue 19

"Vanitas: a Portrayal of human degeneration" Featured on the Spring Edition of Modern Renaissance"

3D World Magazine issue 275

Featured Tutorial on how to create "Vanitas: a Portrayal of human degeneration" in Digital

3D Artist Magazine Issue 95

Featured Tutorial of Medusa on her Throne

3D Artist Magazine Issue 90

Commissioned for Creating a Tutorial of Rafael Monti's Veiled Virgin

3D Artist Magazine Issue 85

Featured on Technical Focus